Singapore Geospatial Master Plan

The Singapore Land Authority (SLA), in partnership with the Government Technology Agency (GovTech), leads the Singapore Geospatial Master Plan to maximise the impact of geospatial information and technology for the economy and the wider society.

Vision: A Geospatial-Powered Singapore.

Mission: Empowering the Industry, People and Government with Geospatial Information and Technology to Enhance Decision-making, Create Opportunities and Lead Better Lives.

A Thriving

Singapore as the GeoHub of the region with wider adoption and a vibrant enterprise ecosystem 


Industry centre that brings together geospatial companies, sectoral users, and public agencies to promote business growth, drive innovation and build a vibrant geospatial community.

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Geospatial marketplace
A trusted geospatial data and services platform to facilitate data sharing and exploration to solve common business problems, create new applications, products and services.


Geospatial industry network
An industry association that fosters networks among the government, academia and industry to promote the industry and create collaborative opportunities.

A Nation of

A competent workforce and savvy population in using geospatial for increased productivity and better lives


Citizen-centric platform for geospatial information exploration, creation and sharing.

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Geospatial workforce training and lifelong education
Geospatial education programmes, conversion and re-skilling courses that stage geospatial learning at all levels.


Community of geospatial interest group
A vibrant geospatial community of practice and geospatial interest groups to drive use of Geospatial through ground-up initiatives.

A GeoSmart

An effective and trusted public service driven through geo-enabled processes in policy-making, planning and operations


Virtual Singapore
Whole-of-Government 3D city modelling and data platform to enhance policy planning, inter-agency collaboration, research and business initiatives and citizen engagement.

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Geospatial Capability Centre
Geospatial Capability Centre to support public agencies' use of Geospatial for better service delivery, operations and decision making.


Geospatial Technology Alliance
A collaborative network of local and overseas research and education institutes engaged in leading edge research to improve geospatial technologies and capabilities.


GeoWorks Challenge

The GeoWorks Challenge match-makes geospatial solution providers and various industry sectoral users to drive geospatial adoption and co-creation for increased productivity. More information on the Supply Chain Challenge can be found here.


Singapore GeoSpatial Challenge

Started in 2008, the Singapore Geospatial Challenge aims to raise students' awareness of geospatial information and technology, which they apply to issues from multiple domains.



The GeoHackathon invites communities from diverse networks to co-create solutions to real-life challenges, using geospatial technology. Several of the winning entries, such as, went on to develop their ideas into full-fledged businesses successfully.
More info on 2014 and 2015 GeoHackathon.


Singapore Geospatial Scholarship

The Singapore Geospatial Scholarship is a collaboration among 8 public agencies: SLA, BCA, GovTech, JTC, LTA, NEA, PUB & URA to offer local and overseas undergraduate and postgraduate scholarships in geospatial and geospatial-related courses.


One Historical Map

One Historical Map is a SG50 project created by the Singapore Land Authority in partnership with the National Heritage Board. Discover the yesteryears of Singapore through our collection of georeferenced street maps (since 1966) and the various photos! Make your photos a part of Singapore's history by sharing them too!

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Stay tuned for more upcoming initiatives!


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